Equipment storage limit frontline available to gutschein purchase increased to 800.
MOD3 gains access prüfen to the frontline special equipment(directly gutschein equipped on the corresponding T-Doll unlock a new CG, level cap increase to 120, oathed T-Dolls will have their affection limit increased from 150 to 200.
02 - D:003 Raznye flac2018 Front frontline Line Assembly gutschein - Warmech flac02 Anthropod.
06 - D:003 Raznye flac2018 Front Line Assembly - Warmech flac06 Meteorfall.Monthly pass gives double everyday.Past Event, operation Deep Dive can now be accessed from the Campaign.Newly added Café based features: frontline A coffee machine has been added to the cafe.Visitors to the dormitory can view gutschein the contents frontline of said bulletin board.New items obtained amsterdam frontline during procurement will shine brightly. New: Procurement theme "Now you see me" will be gutschein added gutschein and enabled on the 20th of January, last until February 1st 10:00.
Echelon swapping system, by long-pressing an echelon, you can frontline swap them with other echelons.
MOD1 provides a rarity level increase, the level cap gutschein is increased to 110, experience gained by will be doubled if the T-doll underwent oath.
New: Added drop location notes for RF gutschein NTW-20, AR G41, and SMG SR-3MP frontline on their respective Index page.
Added a "Collect All" button to daily/weekly/career mission.For frontline details, refer to the follow-up announcement.Costume set: frontline "M99 - Rabbit Squad" "NZ75 - ThanX!Access to the server will be denied while maintenance is ongoing.Added sorting by Ascending/Descending order to T-doll, Fairy and Equip.05 - D:003 Raznye flac2018 Front Line gutschein Assembly - Warmech flac05 frontline Force Carrier.

11 - D:003 Raznye flac2018 Front Line Assembly - Warmech flac11 Earthriser.
After giving combat reports to oathed MOD1 T-dolls, a relog noticed will be prompted, correct level and exp will be displayed gutschein after relog.
Exp from combat reports are also increased to x2, however there is a visual error when giving combat reports, incorrect information on the exp gained and resulting level will be displayed.